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About Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures
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My family struggled to make sense of the
great volume of material that Louis left behind . . .

After my father passed away in 1988, my family struggled to make sense of the great volume of material that he left behind and to change the way that we did business. While he was alive, Mom and Dad (my mother has acted as my father's agent for the last 30 years) were always focused on the new book and his future writing. Little attention needed to be paid to the broad sepctrum of work that had accumulated in his past. To create the novels and short story collections that have appeared in the years since his death, I reassembled fragments of old manuscripts, organised stacks and stacks of papers, and discovered hidden boxes of short stories and notes.

In amongst the great piles of hand and type written materials from which the books of the last several years have come were page after page of story fragments, notes, thoughts and ideas. I discovered fragments of literally hundreds of stories. Quite a few of these were false starts or alternate versions of stories which will be familiar to many readers, but many were explorations of plots and themes that interested my Dad but had never been brought to completion. There were thousands of pages of personal notes and thoughts, some pertaining to a specific story that Louis was working on or idea that he was exploring, and some were philosophical wanderings down the paths of personal and social commentary. In addition, he left behind volumes of pages filled with historical data and research.

Much as the archeologist examines the layers of an ancient civilization using a tooth brush and wisk broom, we will attempt to present for you an intimate and totally unique look at the private papers of a working author. There are facinating discoveries to be made in this long hidden storehouse of materials and I hope that you will enjoy taking this exciting journy as much as we have enjoyed preparing the path for you.

. . . . Beau L'Amour presents ---

Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures




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