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Sackett - Talon - Chantry
The Three Family Series

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Text from the scanned notes are in BLACK and RED
{Comments from Beau L'Amour are in brackets and BLUE}

  1. Next Chantry - 1600's {The first Chantry novel was "Fair Blows The Wind"}
  2. First Talon - 1590's
    {LL's idea here was that the family name was not originally Talon but that the story follows a young man who is a highly skilled armourer. He becomes a master craftsman but makes enemies who drive him away from his profession and through a series of adventures he becomes a notorious pirate. At some point his right hand is cut off and after that he is named Talon because he uses his mechanical skills to make himself a crude metal hand.}
  3. Rev. Story - 1775
    {This was to have been a Sackett novel, some of the details mentioned in "Ride the River" may have played out in this story.}
  4. Railroad story: - 1880
    {Also a Sackett, I believe, but one of the other families were to be brought in.}
  5. Sixth Cav. - 1863
    {This probably would have become (chronologically) the first of the Tell Sackett stories.}
  6. Canadian - American fur - 1825
  7. Mountain man - explore - 1820 Characters of: economics.
  8. Hedgerow - wild geese - 1740's
    {Probably a Chantry}
  9. Parmale - 1870's
    {A Sackett novel, perhaps dealing with the theater}
  10. Talon - Oak Island
    {At some time in the past someone buried something on Oak Island, Nova Scotia ... no one has ever figured out what or when. A hole was sunk deep under the island. Barriers of wood, clay, ash, and metal, filled the passage. Water was ingeniously piped in from the sea. The entire construction was carefully prepared to foil anyone trying to dig up whatever is at the bottom of what is called The Oak Island Money Pit. People have thought that it might contain a treasure belonging to Captain Kidd, or Spanish Gold from Peru, one of the more interesting theories suggests that it might had been created by the Knights Templar to hide the treasure that they fled with from France in 1307. Stories are told that an underwater camera has shown pictures of wreakage and chests and a severed human hand all located in an area deep under Oak Island ... all remains a mystery because the owners are caught in a tangle of law suits. It would seem that Louis was going to write a story about Talon, the pirate, where he is involved in the burying of the Oak Island "treasure." This character is referred to breifly in "To The Far Blue Mountains."}

TARBIL SACKETT (Grandfather of Logan)

DAUBENY - Friend of Finian.
ECHO'S GRANDFATHER {Finian, as an old man appears in "Ride The River."}


Daubeny S{ackett} Knew Finian's older brother. Saved Finian's life.





JUBAL - {Marries} ISCHACOMIE {LL was still working out the details of "Jubal Sackett" at this time.}




1. The Saga of Jubal Sackett. {An early title, later deemed too pretentious.}

2. Chantry, #2. (Ireland, London)

3. Talon. (Brittany, India, Japan, Gaspe)

4. Chantry, (Hedgerow & Wild Geese) {I'm no expert on the Hedgerow teachers or the Irish "Wild Geese" ... perhaps someone could write in to our BBS if they have good information on Irish history.}

5. Revolutionary War (Chantry, Sackett, ect.)

6. Cib. {This was "Cibolero" ... my spelling may be off. A Chantry story about the very early days when the Spanish used to hunt buffalo with lances.}

7. Brian & Noelle Sackett. (Or a son of B{rian's})

8. Sons of Yance. (the Wild Ones) {perhaps the Clinch Mountain branch of the Sackett family}

9. Oak Island {As previously discussed -- you can see that LL's numbering had nothing to do with the time period of when the stories would have occurred.}

10. Do Sam Stubbs story as descendant of Yance. A mean old man who takes up with a couple of kids (Talon) {I have no idea what LL had in mind here but an article by Louis on San Stubbs (a real guy) will be posted on this site in the future.}

Farley has a Raven "Down San Diego Way" {No idea here either ... this might have been a note that was completely off subject.}


{LL was considering the following subjects, characters,
and locations for stories in the Three Family Series.}


1.Brian, Europe, West Indies, America.
2.Yance, wild, reckless, feuding.
4.Revolutionary War
5.State of Franklin, ect.
6.Wisconsin border country, Mississippi.
7.Santa Fe Trail, trapping.


1.Wild Geese & Hedgerow teacher.
2.Revolutionary War
3.Ronan Chantry {The character in The Ferguson Rifle}
4.Texas, Alamo, ect.
5.Owen Chantry {The character from "Over On The Dry Side"}


2.Gaspe-Oak Island
3.Fur trade-Brule
4.Rivers West {an existing Talon novel}
6.Milo Talon

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